Saturday 17.11 2018 4 pm

Another Gaze / Body

Performance by Teater Spera

The show Body by Teater Spera is inspired by the artist Maria Nordin's exhibition. The group begins with the constant moments of the motifs, which grows into an act of poetic literary text. They end up in an exploration of the bodies present in the works. Who are these bodies, what happened to them? What do they have to tell us when they move outside of their frames and context? The performance examines roles, nudity and the flesh. The sorrow of losing parts of oneself under the power of a gaze. When time ticks and contexts are created, who are we and how are our bodies shaped in relation to objects and objectifiers?

Theater Spera is an innovative free theater group, based in Skärhamn, consisting of three performing artists. They have been operating at Tjörn for one year, but previously worked in Östergötland and Örebro.

The performance takes place inside the Maria Nordin exhibition. Free entrance.