One Thursday every month 5–7 pm

Chat/Create 2018


Have an urge to create? Interested in art? You’re welcome to visit the museum and meet others like you, to look at art and create something of your own.

There are many works of art in the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s collection. We usually see them grouped together in various exhibitions. What happens if we select and examine one work at a time? On one Thursday evening each month we'll be picking out one fresh and original artwork from our archives. It provides the focus for a creative workshop and discussion.

From 12 years. Free admission.

18.1 Cecilia Edefalk – Water in Water
22.2 Kolbeinn Karlsson – from To Sleep and Dream about Food
22.3 Georg Guðni Hauksson – Untitled
19.4 Guðrún Einarsdóttír – Untitled​
17.5 Julie Nord – Domestic Scene
14.6 Ann Mari Didoff – Vimpeln lagas än en sommar
19.7 Eva Lindström – from Jag rymmer
16.8 Martin Jacobson – Sunlight, bridge
20.9 Mari Sunna – Untitled​
18.10 Palle Nielsen – Under Sygdommen
22.11 Jukka Korkeila – Libidal Laughing Gas
13.12 Kati Immonen – Pictures from the Family Album