Saturday 19.10 & 9.11 2019 4 pm

Entangled Elements with Teater Spera

GIBCA Extended

An integration of elements that strike back. In the performance art piece Entangled Elements, Teater Spera has used the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s exhibition on Nancy Spero as a starting point. Like Spero, who created work and was inspired by another era’s artist – dramatist Antonin Artaud – we will do the same. We find ourselves in conflict between violence, battles and feminism, for the possession of space and bodies in a limitless language of expression. To seize upon times of struggle against isolation and fear.

In autumn 2019, the Nordic Watercolour Museum will be presenting a solo exhibition by American artist Nancy Spero (1926–2009). With work that tackled contemporary political issues like racism, violence and sexism, Spero was one of the leading figures of the feminist art movement. In the late 1960s, she was inspired by French dramatist Antonin Artaud (1896–1948), whose Theatre of Cruelty aimed to shock its audience with violent gestures and language.

Teater Spera is an innovative and open theatre group based in Skärhamn, consisting of three performing artists. They have been active on Tjörn for one year, and previously worked in Östergötland and Örebro.

Free admission.

This performance is a part of GIBCA Extended 2019. Read more here.