Let art inspire your creativity this summer! We're producing videos where the museum's art educators suggest exciting ways to create, on your own or with family and friends. We draw inspiration from the art in the exhibitions, but the acitivites can be carried out wherever you choose and they are filmed on the outside of the museum.

The filmed material is in Swedish, but in the video description and the text below you'll find instructions in English.

There are five different episodes and tasks:

Find an animal to depict!

The nature outside The Nordic Watercolour Museum is beautiful and exciting, and a wide variety of animals are our neighbours. For inspiration, see our exhibited works by Bruno Liljefors and Lars Lerin when you’re creating your own animal picture. All kinds of animals move around on and near the beach at Gråskärbadet – can you find one and draw and/or paint a picture of it? How does a crab move? What are the colours of an oystercatcher?

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Sketch a friend/Beach yoga

Maria Nordin’s work Hands to Feet Pose is inspired by a yoga pose of the same name. Nordin’s work is about the body and how we perceive it. A quick sketch from a live model (a technique known as ‘croquis’) is a vital part of any art training, and it’s also fun, challenging and educational. If you’re in a group of two or more, you can take turns sketching and posing. Try a few difficult or challenging poses – in fact why not let yoga inspire you? Two suggestions: The Tree and the Warrior pose.

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Flowers in focus

Nature is full of colours! Bernd Koberling’s brightly coloured watercolours are based on the colours and shapes of the land on Iceland. During the summer, there’s something growing in every rock crevice around the museum. Find a flower! Find out its name – pick it (unless it’s a protected species) – then keep it and press it as a souvenir!

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Jongsuk Yoon creates her large murals in a process of meditation and concentration. Skärhamn inspired her in her efforts to complete her paintings. FInd a place outdoors where you can stop a while, sit down, close your eyes and listen. What sounds can you hear? If you have a pen and paper handy – write down what came into your mind while your eyes were closed. If you like, you can turn what you’ve written into a poem or a picture using a technique of your choice.

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Narrative pictures

Here at The Nordic Watercolour Museum, we’re curious about pictures and storytelling for children and young people. The museum’s collections include originals for two of Eva Lindström’s picture books: I’m Running Away! (2006) and Everyone Walks Away (2015).  Be inspired and create your own narrative picture that brings several characters together. For example, your picture might include a sad horse who meets two other animals, one happy and one angry. What happens, and where are they? Tip: Fold a sheet of paper in half and you have a front page, a back page and two middle pages, just like a book.

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