Saturday 27 January 2018 3 pm

Japanophiles through the ages – western fascination with Japan between 1600 and the 2000s

Petra Holmberg & Marita Lindqvist

Is interest in Japan and its culture a modern trend or the continuation of a historic phenomenon? When did the first westerners visit Japan, and how did it go? We will meet the fashionable Dutchmen in kimonos of the seventeenth century and Marie Antoinette, who collected Japanese lacquered objects. We will delve into nineteenth-century Japonism (interest in Japanese art and handicrafts) and meet artists Carl and Karin Larsson, who like many others, were inspired by it. We will continue on to the twentieth century’s interest in “the Japanese”, including the image of Japan as a frightening futuristic vision of a dreary modern society, and finally land in our time.

Petra Holmberg, art expert and curator at the Östasiatiska museet in Stockholm, will begin the journey by delving into older eras, and writer and journalist Marita Lindqvist will take us through recent decades.