Limited accessibility upcoming weekend

From Friday 25th August until Sunday 27th August, the traffic in Skärhamn is affected by the ongoing sports event, Tjörn Triathlon.

This also affects the museum visitors who come by bus or car. Several roads and parking lots are closed due to the race and you might have to plan your visit before coming.

The museum is open between 11 am–6 pm and during the Saturday we present Watercolour Triathlon – a fun and exciting way to paint with watercolours, inspired by the triathlon race! To find out more, click here.

We recommend that you park in one of the following places (click to show the location on Google Maps):
Träningskliniken, BOAB Tryckeri, Skärhamns skola, Röavallen or
Walk the remaining way to the museum. Enjoy the festivity in the village with the crowds cheering on the competitors before reaching us!

On the right hand side of this page you will find the link to a map (in Swedish). The blue marking on the map indicates the road that is completely closed between Friday 25th 6 pm–Sunday 27th 3 pm. The red marking shows the road which is closed on Saturday 26th.  

The bus traffic is only affected during the Saturday. Since the road through Skärhamn is closed, the following stations are cancelled in both directions:

Siröd, Utäng, Utäng Västra, Tubberöd, Tubberöd Västra, Skärhamn Norra, Skärhamn Torget, Skärhamn Hamnen and Kommunalhuset (Nordiska Akvarellmuseet). ​

For further questions, contact us at
+46 (0)304 60 00 80 (available​ daily at 8 am–12 pm & 1 pm–3 pm).