5.51.9 2002

Contemporary Nordic watercolour

From the museums collection

The overriding theme guiding the selection for this exhibition has been that of people’s meeting one another. From our very first breath we learn to see and interpret people’s facial expressions. The eyes, mouth, eyebrow angles, and the host of small facial muscles all contribute to convey feelings and opinions.


Erland Brand, Sweden

Saara Ekström, Finland

Åse Frid, Sweden

Anne Birthe Hove, Greenland

Robert Lucander, Finland

Elsa Nielsen, Denmark

Palle Nielsen, Denmark

Åsa Pröjts, Sweden

Ulla Rantanen, Finland

Jytte Rex, Denmark

Ulf Rollof, Sweden

Peter Sternäng, Sweden

Mari Sunna, Finland

Leiken Vik, Norway

Karin Wikström, Sweden