10.35.5 2013

Gunnel Wåhlstrand

Gunnel Wåhlstrand creates the illusion that what we are looking at are greatly enlarged photographs. Her Indian ink paintings are characterised by an almost incredible precision in which she exploits her technique to the uttermost. Her starting point is a family album of photos from the 1940s and 50s. We enter quiet middle class drawing rooms and our gaze wanders across motionless landscapes. This is the artist’s way of establishing a link with her closest relatives whom she was never able to meet. She achieves this by granting the pictures adequate time and by slowly exploring her way back into her own family history. We see no obvious traces of the tragedies that scar life from time to time but the images nevertheless exude an invisible and timeless anxiety. Gunnel Wåhlstrand was born in 1974 in Uppsala and trained among other places at the Konsthögskolan in Stockholm.