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Lars Lerin & Bruno Liljefors


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Lars Lerin
Lars Lerin is one of Sweden’s best-loved artists, famous for his masterful treatment of chiaroscuro. An industrious art producer, Lerin creates paintings that embody ambiences and etch themselves into the memory. One of the vital elements in Lerin’s diverse creative portfolio is pictures of animals. With technical skill and a heartfelt passion for the humblest of creatures, Lerin depicts small birds, field mice and hares.

The sensitive watercolours by Lars Lerin are shown alongside several studies by wildlife painter Bruno Liljefors.

Bruno Liljefors (1860–1939)
Wild animals was Liljefors's favourite subject matter. He was fascinated by Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory and combined his artistic talent with wildlife studies of animal behaviour. Liljefors had an innovative approach to painting animals and became internationally influential. In the 1880s, he worked according to the principles of naturalism. His motifs were often depicted at close range with the exactness of a hunter or natural scientist, and in a style partly inspired by Japanese art. The scenes are dramatic and heightened by Darwin's ideas on the survival of the fittest. Over the years, Liljefors's brushwork became looser and more similar to the Impressionist way of representing nature, with fleeting moods as a central element. The natural habitat of the animals also played an important part in his practice – Nordic twilight landscapes and dark forests.