Åse Frid

Born 1969, Sweden

Åse Frid’s work revolves around special places and how they change over time and in different contexts. She is interested in settings, buildings and the inherent stories of the surroundings. Frid becomes a pen keeping records of wherever she may be. She works with different techniques including video, sound and performance, but always returns to drawing and watercolour on paper. Text and image are equally important in Åse Frid’s work, and no contrast exists between the two. She sees herself as an author in pictures. In a text, she can be excessively clear or toy with reality. She often writes quickly, in fits of inspiration. The text then forms the foundation for a long period of working with watercolours, painting around the traced white letters – a significant base for her creative work. Åse Frid studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 1995–2000.