Focus schools

Since several years back, the museum is working on a project in which all the pupils and teachers at a school spend time working together at the museum during an exhibition period. The project is done in collaboration with the Tjörn local authority and we call it Focus schools.

The museum’s art educators visit the school and outline suggestions and plans for the teachers before the pupils’ visits. During the exhibition each class will enjoy a two hour visit to the museum, including both a talk about the exhibition and activity in the workshop.

The work done by the pupils will be documented and a presentation of their achievements compiled afterwards. This presentation can take the form of a digital picture show or an exhibition displayed for a limited period.


2018: Maria Nordin
Myggenäs skola​

2017: Japan – Spirits of Nature
Kållekärrs skola

2016: Birgit Broms
Rönnängs skola

​2015: Fourth upon a time...
Preschools: Every 5 year old on Tjörn

2014: China's Changing Landscape​
Year 7–9: Häggvallskolan & Bleketskolan

​2013: Gunnel Wåhlstrand
Myggenäs skola

​2011: Mexico
Year 7–9: Häggvallskolan & Bleketskolan

​2011: Julie Nord
Myggenäs skola​