School visit

Visiting the Nordic Watercolour Museum can be done in several ways. School classes can visit on their own or work with the museum’s art educators. 


Pupils ranging from pre-school age to upper secondary school are invited to come and work on the ongoing exhibition with members of the museum’s educational staff. A visit of guided tour and workshop activity takes approximately two hours. It includes a tour and discussion of the exhibition followed by work in the workshop with links to this exhibition.

If a whole school class wishes to visit the museum on the same day there are two ways this can be done. If practicable two groups can work in parallel, each with its own instructor. The class can alternatively spend a whole day at the museum. In this case half the class would first spend time with the museum’s art instructor while the rest are engaged in other activities at the museum or its surroundings with their own teachers. The two groups then change places.
Price: 800 SEK
Johan Hildingsson, art educator
+46 (0)763–44 20 89

VISIT THE MUSEUM by yourselves

All teachers and pupils are heartily welcome to visit the museum and view and work with the ongoing exhibitions. Entrance is free for all below the age of 26.

Guided tours for teachers, a service provided by the museum on a few occasions at the start of a new exhibition, is a good way of obtaining advance knowledge about an exhibition and of getting ideas for your own work. The press material provided by the museum, containing text and a selection of illustrations, is a useful tool for preparing your visit.

If you plan to visit the museum with a large group it is advisable to inform the museum in advance.