The Lighthouse is created by the artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt from Germany. It´s a cylindrical structure about six metres tall, sited on a low rocky outcrop next to the Nordic Watercolour Museum. It is constructed of mint green beer crates from Germany and lit inside by eight spotlights. The powerful illumination transforms the building into a pale green jewel standing in the narrow channel between the museum jetty and the artists’ studios on Bockholmen. It can clearly be seen from the busy fairway running from Marstrand past Skärhamn and on to Kyrkesund. In summer, when the sea is low and fairly warm, crab hunting children can easily wade out to The Lighthouse, climb aboard and get inside. During stormy autumn evenings the sea can have risen to totally flood the little island with The Lighthouse standing with its base under water.

The installation Singing inhabitants by the artist Gunilla Hansson consists of a text carved into the wooden platform that encircles half the museum building. The idea for the work came to the artist from a newspaper article reporting that some low lying Pacific atolls will soon be completely flooded due to rising sea levels. An ethnic group of singing inhabitants in the Papua New Guinea archipelago risk losing their island due to rising sea levels. Gunilla Hansson has carved the full newspaper story into the boardwalk deck. Upon walking along the quay we are reminded of the global environmental damage we cause every day and which ultimately affects us all.