Sustainability & personal data policy

Water and the Nordic Watercolour Museum belong together in several ways. The museum is sited on the seashore with parts of it resting on piles out in the water. We are concerned to protect the sea and the life in it. The museum’s environmental work is an ongoing process and much remains to be done. Since December 2014 we have a certificate of environmental approval for our efforts.

The Nordic Watercolour Museum is one of a hundred members of ‘Swedish Welcome’, a collaborative organisation working to improve the experiences of guests and advance sustainable development. Frequent tests administered by professional counsellors tell us how successful we are and also give us useful advice for further development. By this means it will be easier for you as guest to select experiences and accommodation designed specifically for you and that display concern for both humans and nature.

Further information about ‘Swedish Welcome’ can be found on their web page.

A few environmental facts

  • The building is warmed by geothermal heating and guest studios by air heating pumps.
  • Lighting in the galleries and much of the outside illumination is by LED lamps.
  • Only eco-labelled chemicals are used for cleaning.
  • Only eco-labelled paper is used by the museum’s administration.
  • Workshop and domestic refuse is sorted for recycling.
  • The collective transport service ‘’ informs visitors about sharing transport to and from the museum.
  • The museum arranges bus transport for visitors to and from Gothenburg on several occasions annually.
  • The museum has for several years been an active participant in the ‘Västerhavsveckan’, where the aim is to expand awareness of marine environments.
  • The museum is continuously working with reduction in water consumption by use of restrictive nozzles in kitchen and lavatories.

Plans for the future

  • The installation of LED illumination throughout the building and outside.
  • Further improvement in the disposal of paints etc. in the workshops.

Personal data policy / GDPR

The Nordic Watercolour Museum foundation is responsible for and safeguards all of the personal data we receive in our daily operations. We consider it important for anyone who receives invitations to our openings, anyone employed by the museum or who is seeking employment with us, anyone who visits the museum, reserves accommodation in our studios, participates in our courses, provides us with art or images, or who is a customer or supplier feels secure with how we handle and store their personal data. Your personal privacy is an important matter to which we give special attention in all of our business procedures. You can find our Personal data policy by clicking here.