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The movement of the line


The movement of the line


The all-day workshop The movement of the line is, as the title reveals, about lines and movement. We start the day by looking at and being inspired by the current exhibition at the museum. We then enter the workshop room, where we will combine intuitive dance and body movements with image creation during the day.

Participants will be guided through the various exercises of the day and there are no performance requirements. We allow our bodies to follow the lines of the black charcoal onto its unknown paths and the watercolour paint will take part in its own way as we use our sight, hearing and body when we perform drawing and movement exercises during the day. No previous knowledge is required in either dance or art. You just have to be curious to participate in a workshop where the experience is more important than the result.

The workshop is led by Ann-Charlotte Fogel, artist and Jonte Nynäs, art educator


Please note that the workshop on 28 January 2023 has been cancelled and rescheduled to 1 April 2023.


1 650 SEK including materials and lunch at Vatten Restaurang & Kafé, as well as admission to the museum


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Ann-Charlotte Fogel & Jonte Nynäs

The workshop is led by Ann-Charlotte Fogel and Jonte Nynäs. Ann-Charlotte Fogel is an artist and certified dance teacher, as well as body and movement therapist. Jonte Nynäs is an art educator at The Nordic Watercolour Museum.

Portrait of Ann-Charlotte Fogel and Jonte Nynäs