26.9 202116.1 2022

Hilding Linnqvist

The Nordic Watercolour Museum presents a solo exhibition of works by Hilding Linnqvist (1891–1984). His characteristic style has guaranteed him a place among Sweden's foremost artists during the early 20th century.

Paper and pen, ink and watercolours always at the ready was second nature to the artist Hilding Linnqvist. At home, on travels, in his studio. He was always drawing and sketching. His hand translated what captured his eye, so that he could process the first impression more methodically with the sketch as his starting point. This spontaneous sketching and need to let the image be born naturally were crucial to the development of his characteristic style.

Some hundred works from different periods in Linnqvist’s long career are shown. Among the motifs are still lifes, images from his many travels, landscape sketches and café and street scenes, where modern life is beginning to show.

The purpose of this exhibition is to demonstrate how integral the sketch is to the artistic process of Hilding Linnqvist. A process, which led to an unforgettable, often dazzling imagery, infused with narrative joy, in a broad range of themes and motifs.