Lördag 27.10 2018 kl. 13-15

The Super Sargasso Sea - Common Denominators

Akademin Valand Fri Konst Unit Research Event Talk

The talk aspires to bring discussions surrounding artistic research out of the University system into the public realm and the art world. 

With Josefina Posch´s art work The Super Sargasso Sea as a starting point the talk will oscillate between the panel participants individual research interests; ocean pollution, material investigation as an artistic production, art and knowledge and public participation, to discover connections and common denominators. 

The talk is a part of Taking Place, a series of events organised and presented by artist and educators working in Fri Konst at Valand Academy, read more. It has become normal in academic contexts to talk about artistic practice as a type of ‘research’, but this is not usually the way in which art is presented in the gallery or the museum. Instead, it is more usual there to focus on the finished object, performance or installation, and to detach it from the way in which it was produced. In these events, Valand lecturers talk about how processes and methods of research shape their individual works and their overall practices, and what is meant by ‘research’ in the context of artistic production. 

The talk will be held in English, free entrance.

Participating panellists​:

Josefina Posch - Artist/researcher/Lecturer Akademin Valand 
Bethanie Carney Almroth - Researcher/Senoir Lecturer Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences 
Moderated by Dr. Daniel Jewesbury - Artist/Researcher/Senior Lecturer Akademin Valand