21.10, 11.11, 16.12 2018 & 6.1 2019 3 pm

A Bastard Child


We are presenting the hand-painted, animated documentary A Bastard Child (in Swedish Horungen), created by artist Knutte Wester (whose work is represented in the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s collection). This is the story of his grandmother, Hervor, and her dramatic childhood as an illegitimate child in impoverished Sweden in the early twentieth century. As an adult, she was among the pioneers in the battle for women’s rights. Hervor’s story is a reminder of the mechanisms of social control, rejection and repression, but also proof of the possibility of a necessary social change. The film is based on archival materials and hundreds of watercolours created by Knutte Wester.

The movie will be shown in Swedish with English subtitles.

Length: 57 mins
Price: Free admission