Saturday 25.1 2020 at 2 pm

Opening / Fredrik Söderberg & Jongsuk Yoon


The Nordic Watercolour Museum invites everyone to an extraordinary opening to celebrate the beginning of our 20th anniversary. Welcome to the opening of the two spring exhibitions with Fredrik Söderberg and Jongsuk Yoon on Saturday 25 January 2020!

2 pm

Museum director Bera Nordal presents the exhibitions
2–4 pm
Opening workshop
3 pm
Artist talk
4 pm
Preview of the Nordic Watercolour Museum's 20th anniversary programme
4.30 pm
Closing act

About the exhibitions 26.1–26.4 2020
Fredrik Söderberg​
The Nordic Watercolour Museum will begin the year 2020 with an extensive solo exhibition of Fredrik Söderberg's magnificent watercolours. We dive into a rich oeuvre that alternates seamlessly between different themes: the figurative and the abstract, between the complex narrative and the monochrome calm. With references to both the spiritual and occult, to alchemy and astrology, Fredrik Söderberg has created precise symmetrical compositions, reminiscent of both Tibetan mandala and meticulous architectural sketches of building facades and temples. His abstract paintings fascinate with their exquisite colour and harmonious composition. His art is generally imbued with mysticism. In intricate ornaments of silver, gold and coloured bands, we see figurative and abstract forms in which matter and spirit meet.
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Jongsuk Yoon
In spring 2020, Korean German artist Jongsuk Yoon will create monumental murals in the largest exhibition hall at the Nordic Watercolour Museum. At first glance, Jongsuk Yoon's paintings seem to belong to the abstract expressionist tradition. She is well acquainted with European and American modernism after long art studies in Europe. However, art traditions of her home country, South Korea, are a strong influence. The paintings are developed during meditation and deep concentration. Her muted colours and frequent changes in perspective, landscape elements and gestures are reminiscent of Asian calligraphy. But beneath the expressive surface tranquillity and silence are hidden.
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About the program 25.1 2020

Greg Malcolm
Greg Malcolm (NZ) is a mesmerizing musician and one of the world's most unique guitarists and composers. His instrumentation consist of three guitars, on which he plays simultaneously using both hands and feet. With this, he creates hypnotic melodies inspired by both folk music and jazz. He has a long background in music – in addition to releasing his own records, he has composed for film, theater, radio and in collaboration with artists. At the Nordic Watercolour Museum's exhibition opening Greg Malcolm will be playing in the exhibition hall, accompanied by the surrounding artworks.
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Eldfågel (”Fire Bird”) consists of some of Gothenburg's greatest fire artists, who’s performances are based on dynamic and moving choreographies where the music is embodied through dance and fire tools. This results in beautiful fairytale-like fire shows that really affects the audience. The exciting and expressive fire artist Morgana Hyvönen will be performing at the exhibiton opening.
Show: 11 minutes
Eldfågel’s website (Swedish)