Saturday 3.11 2018 3 pm

Pictures that change the world

Lecture with Tomas Gunnarsson, also known as the gender photographer

“Hello, my name is Tomas Gunnarsson and I call myself the gender photographer. But in fact, I think that’s a little silly. Because we’re all gender photographers. It’s hard not to capture gender in pictures.”

These words come from the website of Tomas Gunnarsson, better known as the gender photographer. At this lecture, Gunnarsson discusses ideas about how gender is created in pictures; how gender stereotypes in media, advertising and art limit and block our imaginations about who we can be; and how images have the potential to change, push boundaries and create greater space for women, men, and other gender identities.
 This is a lecture on norm-critical image analysis, gender ideas and the possibilities of art. It's about how pictures can change the world.

Tomas Gunnarsson is a scholar of gender, a journalist and a photographer 
who has been running the blog Genusfotografen (The Gender Photographer) since 2011.

The lecture will be held in Swedish.