26–29.7 2018

The landscape of Bohuslän in watercolour and collage

Lars A. Persson

The focus of this class is on the landscape of Bohuslän and its unique shapes and colours. During the first two days, we will work with landscape studies in sketches and watercolours, in an effort to determine the character of these environments. Over the next two days, we will create collages, where colour, form, volume and surface interact to form new images. The collage technique offers several opportunities for simplification (and perhaps clarification) of your imagery. You will also have a chance to view your work in a new way.

Previous experience with painting is good, but most important of all are your desire to create and your curiosity.

Lars A. Persson is a visual artist and art educator who lives and works in Gothenburg.
Website: www.larsapersson.com

SEK 5,900 incl. lunch at Vatten Restaurant & Café, and coffee, excl. materials and accommodation.

E–mail kurser@akvarellmuseet.org.
Register by 26 June.