The Mystery of the Message in the Bottle

A digital treasure hunt for the whole family

One beautiful rainy day an artist named Hundertwasser sailed into Skärhamn’s harbour and moored his boat Regentag at the visitor’s quay. Both his pets were on board, a dog and a cat, and they jumped ashore and went in search of adventure in the South Harbour. By the jetty at the Nordic Watercolour Museum they caught sight of something that was bobbing in the water – a bottle! with a message inside! Together they fished the bottle out of the water. As they read the message they became more and more curious. Was there a hidden treasure? A secret? They immediately started to look for more clues.

Help the dog and the cat to solve the Mystery of the Message in the Bottle!

What is it and how to do it?

The Mystery of the Message in the Bottle is an activity connected to this summer’s exhibition at the Nordic Watercolour Museum. The activity is in two parts:

– Tips for fun and creative ideas
In six locations in Södra Hamnen there are concrete slabs with a QR code on them. Read the code with your smartphone. Each code will lead you to a short film clip where the museum’s art educators will give you tips for fun things to make and do inspired by the artist Hundertwasser. Feel free to bring some paper and materials to draw with.

– A treasure hunt with hidden clues
At the end of the film clips, the sly raven has hidden his clues in the form of various gems. To solve the Mystery of the Message in the Bottle, you need to memorize these. By collecting the right set of gems, you can reach the raven's treasure.

You will find the QR codes near the following places:
1. The Nordic Watercolour Museum
2. Skärhamn’s freezer
3. Skärhamn’s visitor’s harbour, the harbour office
4. The car park up on the hill
5. Gråskärs swimming spot, the beach
6. Bockholmen, by the museum’s guest studios

Swipe through the images above to see the map or click here to open it in your phone.