Measures due to Covid-19

(Latest update 18.8 2021. Valid until 29.9 2021)


• It is the museum's responsibility to create a safe environment for our visitors and employees. To reduce the risk of congestion in the entrance, we have deployed extra staff to ensure that no crowds occur and informs visitors about the importance of keeping their distance. Extra staff is also on site at both the reception and exhibition hall to ensure the flow of visitors at the museum's premises. Please note that the entrance ticket cannot be purchased in advance.
• Vatten Restaurang & Kafé has a separate queue by the entrance. This way, guests of the restaurant won’t have to wait in line even though there might be a queue to the museum.
• Visitors are urged to keep a distance from the staff and each other and to observe the floor markings when there are queues.
• Our cash desks have Perspex barriers. We accept payment by card or Swish.
• A maximum of 8 visitors and 1 staff are allowed in the Open studio. The opening hours have been divided into three time slots. Get your ticket at the museum's reception, we kindly ask you to use the same queue as the other visitors of the museum.
• Hand sanitiser is available for staff and visitors by the cash desks and all toilets.
• We have more frequent and extensive cleaning. Handles and handrails are being sanitised regularly.
• The discovery bag is temporarily unavailable.
• We do not offer any guided tours. If you want to learn more about the exhibition, there are materials available for you to explore the art on your own.


• The restaurant is offering table service only. You can buy refreshments as usual at the café checkout. Card or Swish payments only.
• Seating, both indoors and outdoors, has been reduced and is now further apart, to ensure guests can keep their distance.
• A maximum of 8 people may sit at the same table indoors. On the outdoor seating area there is no limitation, though we kindly ask you to bare in mind to keep your distance.
• The queue to the restaurant is separated from the queue to the museum.


• Please stay at home if you feel unwell or have even the slightest symptoms.
• Keep your distance from staff and each other.
• Wash your hands often and ideally use the hand sanitiser.


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