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In between

From the museums collection

Darkness, cold, everyday routines and a slow advance towards brighter times – this is what many associate with the months from November to February. The period between the autumn and vernal solstices has inspired us to select the works of 15 artists in the museum’s collection, all of whom express intensity with economical means, a restrained colour range and reflections on everyday life.


Sólveig Adalsteinsdóttir, Iceland

Lennart Alves, Sweden

Anne Katrine Dolven, Norway

Saara Ekström, Finland

Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Iceland

Kristján Gudmundsson, Iceland

Georg Gudni, Iceland

Mats Gustafson, Sweden

Arne Isacsson, Sweden

Lars Lerin, Sweden

Lena Mattsson, Sweden

Palle Nielsen, Denmark

Finnbogi Pétursson, Iceland

Glenn Sorensen, Sweden

Kåre Tveter, Norway