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Personal data policy

Personal data policy / GDPR

Read more about how The Nordic Watercolour Museum handles your personal information.


The Nordic Watercolour Museum foundation is responsible for and safeguards all of the personal data we receive in our daily operations. We consider it important for anyone who receives invitations to our openings, anyone employed by the museum or who is seeking employment with us, anyone who visits the museum, reserves accommodation in our studios, participates in our courses, provides us with art or images, or who is a customer or supplier feels secure with how we handle and store their personal data. Your personal privacy is an important matter to which we give special attention in all of our business procedures. You can find our Personal data policy by clicking here.


The Nordic Watercolour Museum uses cookies to be able to keep statistics of how our website is used. Some of the cookies are stored on your device to remember your choices the next time you visit. Your activity and that of other users is logged, but cannot be linked to specific individuals. The Nordic Watercolour Museum collects data about which of the website’s pages you visit, how long you stay on the website, and from which country you are visiting. Read more here.