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Watercolour by the sea


Watercolour by the sea

Watercolour by the sea


Water is essential and the sea is amazing, wonderful and exciting! For a week, we turn our attention to the vital water. The sea, both above and below the surface, inspires us to make our own creations. Welcome to try on watercolours with us on the boardwalk outside the museum, daily between 6–14 August at 11 am–3 pm. In case of rain or strong winds, the workshop will be taking place in the museum's Open Studio. Adults and children of all ages are welcome.

The West Coast Maritime Week

The Nordic Watercolor Museum is part of Västerhavsveckan ("The West Coast Maritime Week"). Västerhavsveckan has been held every year since 2008 and is an initiative to increase awareness of our marine environment and the sustainable use of its resources. Along the entire west coast, from Strömstad in the north to Landskrona in the south, activities and events for all ages are being held.

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Västerhavsveckan 2022