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Workshop: We don't draw what we see but what we hear and feel

Workshop: We don't draw what we see but what we hear and feel

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Hand with a blue pencil drawing on paper


Tegnerklubben Järven invites us to draw with our eyes closed. Welcome to what can be viewed as both a workshop in intuitive drawing and an experience of the exhibition rooms.

"Drawing sounds with closed eyes is one of the methods we do at The Nordic Watercolour Museum. It's not about understanding how we work, but that you who participate follow along and maybe listen to something you didn't know about yourself, or what you're doing. Regardless, you need to be open to the experience and have a little faith in its effect to join. A bit of hocus pocus. And at the same time a game, a way to play. An illusion that, if you repeat it, actually gives results.”

– Linda Holmer and Ina Marie Winther Åshaug, Tegnerklubben Järven

During the work with the joint book Stiftet , the duo found methods to listen with the project instead of asking questions or finding answers. They have refined these methods and use them in educational contexts and in creative sessions, where, for example, they draw the sounds of the forest with their eyes closed.

To watch is one thing. To see is another.

“Inviting others to listen along; drawing, especially the sounds of nature, is also a type of activism. A way to open up to the contact we constantly need to have with nature and ourselves. A movement for and with contact with nature and what is nature in us"

says Tegnerklubben Järven.

A warm welcome during this intiutive, atmospheric workshop.


The activity is free of charge, but an entrance ticket to the exhibitions is required.


Limited number of participants, advance booking required.
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The workshop is part of the Art evening that The Nordic Watercolour Museum presents together with its Friend's Association, Vatten Restaurang & Kafé and Tjörn municipality – click here to see the entire program.

Tegnerklubben Järven

About the artist duo

The artist Ina Marie Winther Åshaug mainly works with drawing and painting in smaller formats, often with everyday scenes as the main motif in a naïve manner. Linda Holmer is a writer and image creator with a background as a communicator. She is also a teacher at HDK-Valand at the University of Gothenburg, where she has a particular focus on examining the picture book as an independent medium and art form.

Portrait of Ina Marie Winther Åshaug and Linda Holmer
Ina Marie Winther Åshaug and Linda Holmer


Simone Frankel,