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Anna Ling


Anna Ling

  • Born
  • Sweden
Three works by Anna Ling from the series Oceans of Air
Anna Ling, Oceans of air - Stratocumulus cloud / Cumulonimbus cloud / Contrail, 2010

Humankind’s efforts to understand and control nature fascinate artist Anna Ling. She grew up on the Swedish island of Tjörn and in her latest projects, her work has revolved in various ways around themes including the ocean, wind and clouds. She works primarily on paper, with a pen and brush, and considers drawing a way to explore her ideas. In the series Oceans of Air, she has depicted in eleven pieces the types of clouds that began to be classified by English meteorologist Luke Howard in 1802. Ling has returned to the ten categories of clouds. The eleventh picture in the series is a man-made cloud – the white tracks an airplane leaves behind when its exhaust condenses or freezes into ice. Anna Ling graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2003.


Eight works from the series Oceans of Air (by Anna Ling 2010), hung on a dark gray wall
Parts of Anna Ling's series Oceans of air (2010) was shown in the exhibition Oceans of Time at The Nordic Watercolour Museum in 2018.