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Cecilia Edefalk


Cecilia Edefalk

  • Born
  • Sweden
Cecilia Edefalk, Water in Water, 1997

Cecilia Edefalk’s big breakthrough came with the noted series En annan rörelse (Another Movement) in 1990. This suite of pictures focused on the relationship between original and copy. It proved to be a significant contribution to the Swedish debate on post-modernist pictorial idioms. Cecilia Edefalk’s production is extensive. She works with photography, sculpture and painting. In her watercolours she ranges between razor-sharp and softer forms. Her images often have to do with other pictures. The same subject is repeated but at the same time transformed during the artistic process. Important themes in her art are self-portraits and interpretations of antique sculpture, along with an interest in the mystical and the occult.

More works by the artist

Cecilia Edefalk, Beetle, 2004
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Cecilia Edefalk, Sabina II, 2007
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Cecilia Edefalk, Sabina I, 2007
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Cecilia Edefalk, One to One, 1996