Museum & School

Within the Tjörn local authority a plan of action has been prepared to attain a coordinated and effective artistic instruction for children and young people. Aesthetic teaching processes are at the heart of this venture.

The Nordic Watercolour Museum plays a major role here, providing a competence resource to assist the authority’s various activities aimed at children and young people, in the form of discussion, reflection, artistic creativity and expansion of knowledge. You can read more about this plan of action, either on the Tjörn local authority web page or here as a PDF.

Over the years the museum staff have been engaged in a number of different pedagogical development projects of varying scale and intensity. These have been directed at local schools, schools of art and university levels. The Nordic Watercolour Museum is an inquisitive museum, actively exploring different ways of development and instruction. We are open to ideas and proposals for fresh forms of collaboration.

For more information, please contact:
Jonte Nynäs, pedagogical leader: