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The Nordic Watercolour Museum is an inquisitive museum, actively exploring different ways of development and instruction. Visiting The Nordic Watercolour Museum can be done in several ways. School classes can visit on their own or work with the museum's art educators. Read more below.
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Guided tour & workshop

Discover and create art together!

During the visit, we experience, talk about and create art together! Art and learning are exciting, and by taking part in a guided tour & workshop, the pupils will get in-depth knowledge of themselves as well as the world around them.

Guided tour: Together with the museum's art educators, we discover and talk about the ongoing exhibition.
Workshop: We use the art we have experienced to unleash the imagination and desire to experiment. In the workshop, the process is more important than the material and the final result.
Time: 2 hours
Price: 800 SEK
Contact: Johan Hildingsson, art educator
Tel. +46 (0)763–44 20 89

talk about art

We experience and talk about art together!

The conversation is led by one of the museum's art educators and is based on the art in the current exhibition.

Time: 1 hour
Price: 400 SEK
Contact: Johan Hildingsson, art educator
Tel. +46 (0)763–44 20 89

Visit the museum by yourselves

All teachers and pupils are welcome to visit the museum to experience our exhibitions on their own. If you plan to visit the museum with a large group, we kindly ask you to contact the museum in advance.

+46 (0)304–60 00 80

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