21.10 2021 10 am

Digital live tour

A guided tour, live streamed on Facebook
Guided tours

Enjoy the art online – join a guided tour from the comfort of your own home! Ask your questions in real time, and learn more about the art with one of the museum’s art educators. The tour will be broadcast live on The Nordic Watercolour Museum Facebook page, and lasts about 10 minutes.

The guided tours are held in Swedish.

Upcoming digital live tours

21 October at 10 am
Hilding Linnqvist

25 November at 10 am
Beings – from the Museum Collection 

9 December at 10 am
Beings – from the Museum Collection 

13 January 2022 at 10 am
Hilding Linnqvist


What do I have to do to watch the live broadcast?

The broadcast is taking place on the museum’s Facebook page. Click here to get to the page where the broadcast will be. The live broadcast starts at 10:00 CET and can be viewed with or without a Facebook account. Feel free to ask the guide questions by writing in the comments section, but note that you must follow The Nordic Watercolour Museum on Facebook to do this.

If you miss the live event, the video will still be on the museum’s Facebook page but you won’t be able to ask direct questions.