Saturday 5.10 2019 & 4.1 2020 2 pm

Nancy Spero – artist, pioneer, activist

Lecture with museum director Bera Nordal

Get to know artist, pioneer and activist Nancy Spero (1926–2009). In the exhibition at the Nordic Watercolour Museum, we will encounter a multifaceted artist who was never afraid to call herself political. Much of her practice was a reaction against different forms of oppression and she used her art to take a stand on the social issues of her time.She also had a fascination with existential questions and was inspired by literature.

At this lecture, the audience will learn about Nancy Spero and the era in which she was active. What was the art scene like in the latter half of the twentieth century? What was Nancy Spero’s impact on art history? We invite you to come learn more about an artist who never took any path but her own and whose work, through its social and political engagement, is more relevant than ever before.

Free admission.

(The lecture is held in Swedish)