9.11 2021 at 7 pm

Tjörn talks #3: Fate at sea

GIBCA Extended

Throughout history, our world oceans have been imbued with both dreams and mystery. On the other side of the horizon awaits the unknown and unexplored, but also danger and threats. The sea has been the place of work for some and an escape route for others, and it has held the lives of people in its hands – who’s destinies could end in death. During this talk, we focus on the stories that were formed at sea, but also by the shore among those who remained at home.

Please note that the talk will be held in Swedish.

The talk is part of the GIBCA Extended program and will be live streamed on Facebook.

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We will welcome a limited number of people to hear the talk on site at the museum. Participation is free of charge, but pre-registration is required. Apart from hearing the talk live on stage, you will get to see the stream being filmed while it is broadcasted.

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Lennart Bornmalm is a senior lecturer at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science as well as the Department of Marine Sciences in Gothenburg, and also editor of the maritime history journal Länspumpen. He is author of the newly released book Fraktare från Tjörn, which tells the stories of hundreds of freighters, cargo ships that had their home port on Tjörn around the middle of the 20th century.

Simon Ekström is a professor and senior lecturer in ethnology at Stockholm University and the Center for Maritime Studies. In his latest research, he focuses on issues that lie at the intersection between ethnology and maritime studies. He is also interested in cultural heritage and in the forthcoming book Sjödränkt. Spektakulär materialitet från havet, he examines how human death at sea is exhibited in the form of stories and artifacts in museums.


The Nordic Watercolour Museum and the municipality of Tjörn present a series of talks to highlight the history and future of Tjörn, in different ways and from different perspectives. With invited guests, we discuss how life is formed when it’s condition is determined by the sea. Based on the biennial’s theme, we hope to raise global questions directly rooted in the history of the island, with topics ranging from herring and local history, to class issues and the global climate crisis.

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Fate at sea
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