7.53.9 2017

Arne Isacsson

Landscapes are a key theme in Arne Isacsson’s (1917– 2010) oeuvre. Nature, especially in Bohuslän, was his constant source of inspiration. He studied the seasons and the shifting light on the cliffs by the sea. His pure, figurative compositions in translucent, overlapping layers, are at once both monumental and poetically terse.

Arne Isacsson mostly worked in a classical watercolour style. Throughout life, however, he experimented with the technique and wrote textbooks on oil and watercolour painting. The influence of his pedagogical contribution can hardly be over-estimated. In 1944, he founded Gerlesborgsskolan in Bohuslän, with a branch in Stockholm 1958. He was also one of the initiators of Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.

This summer, the museum is featuring an extensive exhibition on Arne Isacsson’s works, acknowledging his accomplishments also as an art teacher and writer. In 2017, he would have been 100 years old.