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Flying blueberries


Flying blueberries

Laughing baby covered in blueberries


Babies and adults are welcome to The Nordic Watercolour Museum to create art together. Let's create blueberry purple creative chaos! Flying blueberries is an experimental workshop for the very smallest children (6–24 months) and their accompanying adults.

Pre-booking is required.

120 SEK per booking
The price includes materials and entry to the museum's exhibitions during the day. Payment takes place on the booking page.

Click here to get to the booking page
(Your booking refers to one adult/child couple. One booking = one child 6–24 months + adult)
Cancellation is made through the booking page.


Materials & Clothing
We will play and paint with blueberries, water and paper on a large floor area in the workshop room on the upper floor of the museum. Blueberries are both non-toxic and edible – it's the perfect colouring material for babies who like to explore everything by putting it in their mouths. Blueberries also have strong pigments that leaves beautiful stains, so remember to dress your child in comfortable clothes that are allowed to get dirty! Also, consider bringing another set of clothes that your child can change into and wear after the workshop.

Remember to arrive on time!
It is important to arrive on time, at 10.30, to be admitted, as the workshop takes place before the museum opens to the public. There should be time for both preparation and debriefing within the allotted time. We finish the occassion by looking at a couple of art works in the current exhibition together.

Lift / Changing table / Breastfeeding
An elevator to the upper floor is available for those who want to bring a pram up to the workshop. Changing tables are available in the HWC on the lower level. A kettle for boiling water is available in the workshop, but there is no microwave. A sofa where one can breastfeed is available on the upper floor of the museum.



Johan Hildingsson,

Föräldrar och bebisar i utställningen
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Föräldrar och bebisar i utställningen