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Grund / Loney dear

On stage

Grund / Loney dear

  • Samlingssalen (The assembly hall)
Portrait of Loney dear in black and white
Loney dear. Photo: Nadja Sjöström


Loney dear is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen's unique music project – where traditional songwriting meets complex productions, as wide-openly uplifting as they are sensitive and heartbreaking.

Since debuting in 2003, Loney dear has been a household name in wide circles worldwide as he has been recognized and embraced by music giants such as Pitchfork and NME. He has been described as:

"one of the most uplifting, inspiring and healing voices you will ever hear"
– The Sunday Times.

In 2021 Loney dear released his seventh studio album and in autumn 2022 his first live album Atlantis was released. The music captures the Scandinavian dark winters and bright summer nights. Focused, grand and achingly beautiful – playfully swinging between a wide range of details, grand gestures and a wide-open sensitive voice.

With these words, we look forward to a grand and beautiful concert when Loney dear takes to our Grund stage in April!

Concert ticket: 200 SEK
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Bus ticket Gothenburg–Skärhamn Round trip: 100 SEK
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The museum is open!
Free admission between 4–8 pm!

Food and drinks
Combine the concert with some well-prepared food and delicious drinks at Vatten Restaurang & Kafé. 
Opening hours on 14 April: 
Restaurant: 11.30 am–3 pm + 6–8 pm 
Cafe: 11 am–10 pm

Book a table by sending an e-mail to:

Information about the concert bus
Gothenburg–Skärhamn Round trip:
(Times are approximate)
Depart Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget in Gothenburg at 5:30 pm
Arrival at The Nordic Watercolour Museum at 6:30 pm
Depart The Nordic Watercolour Museum at 10:00 pm
Arrival at Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget at 11:00 pm

Loney dear - There Are Several Alberts Here. From the live album "Atlantis" (2022)


The concept behind "Grund" is produced by Tjörn Municipality and The Nordic Watercolour Museum. The idea is to offer a broad spectrum of music by exciting artists in an intimate setting at a great price. We believe in exciting encounters between the musician, audience and natural surroundings, where flashy stage shows are not allowed to get in the way of the music. And we believe that is an excellent ground on which to stand. / Previous artists on our stage: Bror Gunnar Jansson, Christian Kjellvander, Kristofer Åström, Maja Francis, Franska Trion, Mattias Alkberg, Sophie Zelmani, José Gonzáles, El Perro Del Mar, Mikael Wiehe, Vasas Flora & Fauna, Jens Lekman, Joel Alme, Frida Hyvönen, Anna Järvinen, Marit Bergman, Hanna Järver, Edda Magnasson and Niki & the Dove

Concert tickets 14 April