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OmByta – Trade children's things

OmByta – Trade children's things

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Want to get new fun stuff? Does your children have things at home that they no longer use?

At The Nordic Watercolour Museum, we’re having a trade-in day where you can swap children's things! Bring the things and exchange them for something someone else has brought along. In this way, you can contribute to more sustainable consumption through recycling. 

During the trade-in day, you can trade in whatever children's things you like, except for:
– Food
– Things bigger than you can carry over here on your own

Why is it a good idea to trade things in instead of buying new ones? Through buying or using second-hand products, we can reduce our environmental impact. Instead of manufacturing new ones and throwing them away, by recycling we can save natural resources and reduce our waste. This is one of many climate-smart choices that contribute to a more sustainable society.


  • The trade-in day will be held in the museum's workshop room called “Fria verkstaden” on Saturday 25 March, 11 am–4 pm.
  • Bring a maximum of ten things that you or your kids no longer use. They must be in good condition, so that someone else will want to take them home. For each item you hand in, you get a trade-in ticket that you can exchange for something else.
  • It’s also possible to hand things in from 21 to 24 March during the museum’s opening hours (11 am–4 pm), regardless of whether you want to join the trade-in day or just to donate your stuff. If you pop in on one of the days before the trade-in, you can leave the things at the museum’s reception desk.
  • For the first item you trade, you’ll also get a free one-day entry ticket for the museum’s exhibitions.
  • The items which aren’t exchanged during the trade-in day will go to a second-hand sale.