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Sensing Yoga in the exhibition

Carin Ellberg / It may be something the sea lays at my feet

Sensing Yoga in the exhibition

  • The exhibition
Person sits on the floor with back towards camera, in front of large mural in yellow and gray.


The art and the surroundings interact with each other at The Nordic Watercolour Museum. In the exhibition titled It may be something the sea lays at my feet, sculptural objects interact with paintings, and internal landscapes alternately merge with external ones. We allow bodily experiences to become part of the viewing as we welcome the body’s own movements into the exhibition rooms as part of this event.

We begin the session with a short introduction to the artist Carin Ellberg and the works that she has created. We’ll then be led by Karin Backensved through a soft form of yoga, called Sensing Yoga. The room and the art provide a unique atmosphere which adds to the experience.

Sensing Yoga is a gentle form of movement that takes its thinking from how animals and small children intuitively move, both in active movement and whilst resting. It’s about simple and soft ways to move without any pressure or the feeling that we need to perform well. We will carry out the exercises sitting on chairs.

The event is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. In Sensing Yoga, the emphasis is more on meditation than on physical exercise, so there’s no need to bring a change of clothes. It might be more pleasant to wear soft clothes, but it’s not a requirement. Bear in mind that there are no changing rooms at the museum and that no drinks may be brought into the exhibition rooms. Please arrive in good time, as the museum closes to visitors at 4pm.

Entrance ticket to the museum, SEK 70 (free entry under the age of 26). Annual cards are valid.
Payment takes place at the museum's cash desk.
Advance registration is required.

Click here to get to the booking page (in Swedish)
(Booking opens 1 November, 2022)