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The collection

The collection

The goal of The Nordic Watercolour Museum is to study watercolour technique from today’s point of view and contemporary art. The collection is an organic, essential part of the museum and growing year by year.


The collection is a essential and vital part of the museum. Over the years, the museum has acquired more than 1 100 works by about a hundred artists, most of them Nordic. We explore the possibilities of watercolour and spread knowledge about how artists today and throughout history have used water and pigments to create art. Several of the purchases are made in connection with the museum's solo exhibitions. Another area of interest in the collection is picture books and storytelling through images. One of The Nordic Watercolour Museum's goals is to highlight watercolour as a living and aesthetically powerful element in our contemporary visual culture.


At The Nordic Watercolour Museum, we do not display a permanent exhibition of works from our collection. Instead, we continuously show selections from it. By only working with temporary exhibitions, we can show a larger part of our collection over time. More works of art can be viewed the public and a wider range of artists can be presented. This makes our collection a living and creative part of the museum.

Michael Kvium
Michael Kvium, Flora Danica, 2004

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A selection of artists from the museum collection is presented on the website. We are continuously updating the content and therefore it is not yet fully complete. Feel free to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.