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Carin Ellberg

Carin Ellberg

    Carin Ellberg, but just touch., 2007–09

    Carin Ellberg is a story-teller who creates her own pictorial worlds. Characteristic of her style is the use of a slim, meandering line that winds its ornamental way. And in her installations it is the nylon pantyhose that plays the same role. Self-portraits and female figures are recurring themes in Ellberg’s work. Trees have a special significance in her iconography. Thoughts sprout like thick branches from human heads. Her works are also full of attributes conventionally associated with femininity: handbags, clothes, hair arrangements and sweets. Her palette is dominated by tones of varying pink and beige. She is interested in aspects of everyday aesthetics, where reality and dream merge undramatically and effortlessly but with the magic charm of fairy tale.

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