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Gunilla Bergström's donation

This exhibition has passed

Gunilla Bergström's donation

    The donation
    Photo: Kalle Sanner

    Gunilla Bergström is one of Sweden's foremost picture book creators of all time. "One day, I'll darn well draw the soul!" This bold thought was the beginning of about 40 children's books with unforgettable characters. However, it is Alfons Åberg who without comparison has become the most famous of Gunilla Bergström's characters.

    The Nordic Watercolour Museum's art collection has now been enriched with a generous gift from Gunilla Bergström who donates the original images to two of her books: Three Cheers for Alfie’s Daddy! (1993) and There Goes Alfie the Thief! (1991). In connection with the donation, the museum has also acquired the original images for the book Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins! (1988).

    On display in Thordénrummet.

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    Pictures from the exhibition

    Utställningens rum
    Photo: Kalle Sanner
    Alfons böcker
    The books 'Three Cheers for Alfie’s Daddy!', 'There Goes Alfie the Thief!' and 'Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins!'