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    Hundertwasser, 433 THE I STILL DO NOT KNOW
    Hundertwasser, 433 THE I STILL DO NOT KNOW / 1960, La Picaudière. The Hundertwasser Non-Profit Foundation, Vienna © 2021 NAMIDA AG, Glarus, Switzerland

    A major exhibition of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser opened at The Nordic Watercolour Museum on 9 May 2021. Hundertwasser is one of the most famous international artists of the post-war period contributing with his unique and very personal style, centring on the spiral.

    Hundertwasser was a painter, a visionary artist and an ecological pioneer and never have his works been more relevant than today. His passion for nature and the environment was at the core of his art. His works vibrate with colour and creativity and draws us in with their vital energy. He opposed the straight line and pioneered a more human architecture, in harmony with nature.

    The exhibition highlights on Hundertwasser’s art from the early 1950s to late 1970s. It features works on paper in watercolour and mixed media, original prints, tapestries and architectural models.

    The exhibition is organised in association with the Hundertwasser Non-Profit Foundation in Vienna. It is curated by Annette Vogel and Bera Nordal.

    Pictures from the exhibition

    Hunderwasser, Sanner
    Hundertwasser första
    Hundertwasser, Camilla
    Hundertwasser, Camilla
    Hundertwasser, Sanner