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This exhibition has passed

Topography– from the Museum Collection

    Alves and Svangren
    Works by Lennart Alves and Astrid Svangren in the exhibition Topography

    The theme for this selection from the museum’s art collection is topography, in the most poetic sense of the word. Throughout the ages, artists and writers have portrayed not just external but also their internal landscapes.

    Through art, we track a terrain where emotions and impressions have been visualised and structured onto the receptive watercolour paper, as if it were a topographical map. The external and internal unite.

    On display in Thordénrummet.

    Participating artists: Lennart Alves, Gunilla Hansson, Torgeir Husevaag, Arne Isacsson, Anna Ling, Astrid Svangren