Visit the museum

Visitors come to The Nordic Watercolour Museum to view exhibitions from all over the world, listen to interesting lectures or enjoy a concert. Our unique coastal site means that you can combine art with a dip in the sea, mingle cultural experiences with good food. You can also visit our open studio to paint for a while.

If time allows we would recommend your taking advantage of the chances to enrich your experience that are on offer. Here follow a few examples:


At some of the exhibitions visitors are invited to borrow an audio-guide free of charge. Please contact the Museum for more information.

Informative material

Accompanying every exhibition is either a film or a picture presentation giving further information about the exhibition and about the artist on display. There are information sheets in Swedish and English available at the reception, and for most exhibitions the Nordic Watercolour Museum produces a catalogue that can be bought in the museum shop.

You will also find:


In our shop you will find a carefully selected range of gifts and accessories such as watercolor paints, brushes and paper, and educational literature on watercolor techniques. You can also buy art books, catalogs and posters from our exhibitions. 

Open studio

In our open studio, you can realize your artistic dreams. Here you find watercolor paper, brushes and paint and personnel from the museum that you can ask for help. During the summer, the studio is open every day. The rest of the year we keep it open on Saturdays and Sundays.