Artists from our collections.

  • Adam Saks

    Adam Saks visual idiom is expressive, powerful and personal, all at the same time.

  • Andreas Eriksson

    Art and nature are siblings, branches of the same tree, writes John Fowles in The Tree (1978).

  • Ann Edholm

    Ann Edholm studied at the Royal Institute of Art (Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm, where she was also a professor from 1991 to 199

  • Ann-Marie Didoff

    Ann-Mari Didoff was an artist and educator who studied at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm.

  • Anna Bengtsson

    Anna Bengtsson studied at KV Konstskola in Gothenburg and the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockh

  • Anna Ling

    Humankind’s efforts to understand and control nature fascinate artist Anna Ling.

  • Anne Katrine Dolven

    Anne Katrine Dolven represents the Norwegian generation that takes the whole of Europe as its field of work.

  • Anne Koskinen

    Watercolour or bronze? For Anne Koskinen the material is not central.

  • Anu Tuominen

    Tuominen ranks today as one of Finland’s most admired conceptual artists, with a busy exhibition activity in Finland and abroad.

  • Arto Korhonen

    With the transparency of watercolours and an alluring ability, Arto Korhonen depicts contemporary people and society.

  • Åse Frid

    Åse Frid’s work revolves around special places and how they change over time and in different contexts.

  • Astrid Svangren

    In the work of Astrid Svangren the figurative and the abstract meet and merge.

  • Bård Breivik

    Breivik’s works range from small to monumental works, and he was recognised internationally mainly for his sculptures.

  • Bernd Koberling

    Since the 1960s Bernd Koberling has occupied an important position on the European art scene.