Previous exhibitions

  • 23.325.4 2021

    Colourful Stories – from the Museum Collection

    Ever since the first picture books began to be produced in the 19th century, watercolour techniques have played a major part in the creation of illustrations for this kind of literature. This is reflected in the museum's art collection, where original works by several of our most important picture book artists are represented.

  • 27.9 202025.4 2021

    Andreas Eriksson

    The Nordic Watercolor Museum's solo exhibition with watercolours, drawings and textile works by Andreas Eriksson has been extended until 25.4 2021. The presentation highlights the complex, time-consuming creative process from idea to expression, from sketch to weave.

  • 21.5 2020

    Lars Lerin & Bruno Liljefors

    One of the vital elements in Lerin’s diverse creative portfolio is pictures of animals. With technical skill and a heartfelt passion for the humblest of creatures, Lerin depicts small birds, field mice and hares. The sensitive watercolours by Lars Lerin are shown alongside several studies by wildlife painter Bruno Liljefors. The exhibition was on display during the summer of 2000 and has been extended.

  • 21.5 2020

    Maria Nordin

    The human body is the starting-point for Maria Nordin’s creation. Her art depicts the body as the literal human shell, but also as a container for everything that is individual within us. The exhibition presents Maria Nordin’s latest paintings, which show the shell and surface, but is about making the invisible, visible.  The exhibition was on display during the summer of 2000 and has been extended.

  • 22.9 20195.1 2020

    Nancy Spero

    American artist Nancy Spero (1926–2009) was one of the pioneers of feminist art. Through unconventional materials, new forms of expression and a pronounced political commitment, she broke in the 1960s with the established art scene and was active in founding of the women's gallery A.I.R. in New York in the 1970s.

  • 19.58.9 2019

    Mats Gustafson

    Mats Gustafson has a special feeling for the transient nature of watercolour. The subject matter in this exhibition ranges from nature, to nude figures and fashion.​