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Audio guide

Learn more about the art at The Nordic Watercolour Museum.
The artist Magritte painting by an easel

Welcome to our media guide! Instead of a traditional audio guide, we have created in-depth material that you can both watch and listen to. In the videos below, you'll meet our art educators, Johan Hildingsson and Jonte Nynäs, as they tell more about selected parts of the exhibition. At the bottom of the page you will find a map of the exhibition halls and the works mentioned in the clips.

How to

  • Click on the track you want to play.
  • Listen with your smartphone or tablet. We recommend that you to use headphones.
  • The Nordic Watercolour Museum offers free Wi-Fi. Simply connect to the network titled "Akvarellmuseet Guest".
  • Please keep in mind that you can not shut down your phone while listening/watching, the browser must remain open for the clips to play.
  • Want to listen in Swedish? Click here to find the Swedish audio guide.

ROOm 1

An introduction to Magritte and the exhibition
We look at the work titled 'Paysage', which René Magritte created early in his career, in 1920 © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
We examine René Magritte's work 'Nocturne' from 1925 © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
In the clip, we take look at Magritte's work 'L'Éloge de la dialectique' from 1936, as well as sketches and similar motifs © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022

ROOm 2

The motif from 'La Trahison des Images' (The Betrayal of Images, oil painting from 1929) appears in many variations during Magritte's career. Here is a poster for a shop window from 1952 © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022

ROOm 3

Studio Dongo was the name of the advertising agency that Magritte and his brother founded. We look at some of the advertising illustrations designed by René Magritte © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
Did you know that Magritte was an art forger? Here is a work, painted by René Magritte in 1944, which resembles Titian's work 'Flora' and 'Woman with a mirror' (both from approx. 1515) © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022

ROOm 4

In this clip, we learn more about the works 'Le plaisir '(1946), 'Le Prince charmant' (1948) and 'Flûte' (1948) © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022

ROOm 5

In 1926, Magritte creates the first version of the work 'Le Jockey Perdu'. Here, we look at a gouache from 1942 © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
1964 René Magritte creates the painting 'La bataille de l´Argonne', which we hear more about in this clip © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
We learn more about a recurring motif in Magritte's work as we look at 'L'homme et la forêt' (ca. 1965), 'Golconde' (1953, gouache), 'Golconde' (1953, oil) and '[La Nuit] ( 1963?) © Bildupphovsrätt, Stockholm 2022
Map of the exhibition halls, with markings where the soundtracks are recommended to be heard

René Magritte

The laboratory of ideas

The guide is part of the exhibition Magritte: A Lab of Ideas. Click below to read more about the exhibition.

Read more about the exhibition
The artist Magritte looks into the camera next to a painting