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Artist talk: Astrid Svangren and Martha Ossowska Persson

Artist talk: Astrid Svangren and Martha Ossowska Persson

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Carin Ellberg och Martha Ossowska Persson
Astrid Svangren and Martha Ossowska Persson. Photo: Alexandra Larsson Jacobson / Magnus Gotander, Stenastiftelsen


The Nordic Watercolour Museum has a rich collection of watercolour art. Among the new acquisitions that have been made to the collection over the past five years are works by, among others, Astrid Svangren and Martha Ossowska Persson. During this talk, they tell us more about their artistry and creative processes. The conversation is led by the museum's art education leader Jonte Nynäs and takes place inside the exhibition.

The call is free of charge, but an entrance ticket to the exhibition is required. No pre-registration.

The conversation is part of the Art evening that The Nordic Watercolour Museum presents together with the Friend's Association, Vatten Restaurang & Kafé and Tjörn municipality – click here to see the entire program.


Astrid Svangren

In Astrid Svangren's art, the abstract and the figurative meet. Lines flow over the image surface and are united in fine details. The outline is of great importance. However, the brushstrokes can suddenly become sweeping. The central perspective is rejected. Instead, the artist creates a pictorial space that has much in common with Chinese painting, where the gaze is allowed to move freely without any specified guidelines.

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Work by the artist
Astrid Svangren, from the series ”To Translate”, 2006


Martha Ossowska Persson

With technical brilliance, Ossowska Persson captures details of the human body, especially mouths and hands in enigmatic tactile games. Both power and tenderness, threat and submission are expressed here. The artist persistently returns to similar motifs. Colour scales and moods have clouded considerably over time. The slightly eerie colouring enhances the mystery of the motif.

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martha ossowska persson, deliverance, 2018
Martha Ossowska Persson, Deliverance, 2018


Simone Frankel,