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Exhibition opening

Carin Ellberg / It may be something the sea lays at my feet

Exhibition opening

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Artwork: Carin Ellberg, with warming layers, 2020–2021 © Carin Ellberg
Carin Ellberg, with warming layers, 2020–2021 © Carin Ellberg


Welcome to the opening of the autumn exhibitions with us! We are proud to present It may be something the sea lays at my feet, a solo exhibition with the artist Carin Ellberg. As the exhibition title suggests, it is about a meeting between external and internal landscapes, between nature and imagination and between feelings and memories. On the same occasion, the exhibition Recent Acquisitions in the Museum Collection opens, with works by 15 artists acquired during the years 2018–2022.

Opening programme:

2 pm Museum director Bera Nordal inaugurates the exhibitions
3 pm Concert: The New Alchemy 
2–4 pm The studio is open to all those who want to try on watercolour painting

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Free bus to the exhibition opening

We offer a bus, free of charge, Gothenburg–Skärhamn round trip to the opening of this autumn's exhibition. Limited amount of seats, pre-booking required.

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Image of the Nordic Watercolor Museum, dusk


The New Alchemy interprets Carin Ellberg

On the day of the opening, The New Alchemy takes the stage of The Nordic Watercolour Museum. Five of Ellberg's works have been the starting point for the completely newly written music, and during this musical performance a cosmic constellation is formed between art, music and space.

Bandbild The New Alchemy
The New Alchemy 2022: Ebbot Lundberg, Gunnar Frick, Rasmus Alkestrand, Per Svensson and Lisen Rylander. Photo: Ida Bauer