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Kaisu Koivisto


Kaisu Koivisto

  • Born
  • Finland
Artwork: Kaisu Koivisto, Subway – maan alla II, 2001
Kaisu Koivisto, Subway – maan alla II, 2001

Man’s relationship to nature is the spark for Kaisu Koivisto’s practice. She explores the intersection of nature and culture, and how man exploits his environment in the perpetual hunt for raw materials. Koivisto finds her subject matter in world history, politics and ecology, alternating between materials and techniques, creating video works, installations, photographs and drawings. Intense narratives evolve when Koivisto combines leather, fur, steel and objects worn and torn by age. Every part of her complex works has a history. Organic and synthetic, beauty and repulsion, form an alliance and confront the viewer with a number of questions. Kaisu Koivisto studied at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (MFA) and at the University of Helsinki.